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10X TapCard | Premium Metal Digital Business Card

10X TapCard | Premium Metal Digital Business Card

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The 10x TapCard is not your ordinary business card – it's a powerful fusion of cutting-edge NFC technology and sleek, premium metal design. Crafted to perfection, this revolutionary NFC card offers an unmatched level of connectivity, convenience, and professionalism that will leave a lasting impression on your clients.

With the 10x TapCard, connecting with potential clients has never been easier. Simply tap your card against any NFC-enabled smartphone, and watch as your contact information seamlessly transfers with a single touch. No more fumbling with paper cards or relying on manual data entry. It's a seamless and instant exchange that saves you time and ensures your information is accurately captured. But that's not all - you get instant eyeballs on your products, services, offers and everything in between that you care for.


13 Reasons Why You Need the 10x TapCard in Your Wallet

  1. Universal Compatibility: Our cards are like social butterflies—they get along with almost every smartphone out there!
  2. All-Day, Every-Day No more "Oops, I forgot my cards" moments. Your digital card is always ready for action!
  3. Money Savvy: One card does it all. No reprints, no wasted cash. Your wallet (and accountant) will thank you.
  4. All About You! - Make it truly yours with unique customization options. It's a billboard that fits in your pocket!
  5. Everlasting! - These cards are the superheroes of the business world. They last way longer than traditional ones!
  6. Wow Factor! - Leave a lasting impression at every meeting. When you bring out your digital card, they'll remember you long after the handshakes!'s a great conversation starter.
  7. Futuristic and Fabulous! - You're not just keeping up with the times, you're ahead! Your digital card is a ticket to the future, and the future is looking bright!
  8. Easy Peasy: Not a tech guru? No problem! Our cards are so easy to use, even your grandma could tap away.
  9. Lost but Found: Even if your card gets lost or meets an untimely end -No biggie. Your data is safe and sound on our servers, ready to pop onto a new card anytime.
  10. Save-It-Easy: With a quick scan, your contacts can save your details. Say bye-bye to the "lost your number" excuse!
  11. Green Machine: Our cards love trees. With zero paper waste, they're perfect for eco-warriors and those who care about sustainability and our planet.
  12. Plan B Ready: Even if NFC doesn't work, our cards have a backup plan. The QR code is ready to step in and save the day!
  13. Take up space in the most valuable digital real estate: The average person is said to check their phone about 352 times a day. Be in their faces with your most updated products, services and brand as soon as they pull up your profile.




What You'll Receive

  • Your choice of metal card as per your order 
  • Shipped in a premium packaging
  • A Link in your email to upload your details for FREE bio page customization
  • Login details to your profile page so you can make further edit and customization
  • A unique link to replace your social media link-in-bio (No more monthly fees to access premium features offered by competitors)
  • Your own branded QR code that you can use anywhere else you want!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
OneStop C
Easy Peasy!

Someone asks me for my card? I just pull it out easy and restaurant and details pops out on their phone.

olush eleboda
Very Efficient

It's simply amazing and effective. I love it

Donka Williams
This is just too good!

The 10x Tap Card has truly boosted my professional image. It's more than just a business card; it's a conversation starter and a digital representation of my brand. The ability to link it to my online portfolio and showcase my work has impressed potential clients and collaborators.